ورود و عضویت
بازیابی رمز ورود
کد تایید ارسال شد
جهت تایید تغییر رمز کد ارسال شده را وارد نمایید
نام کاربری یا رمز خود را فراموش کرده ام
شماره موبایل خود را وارد نمایید
اگر هنوز عضو نیستید 


“Saraaj” center for the development and creation of artistic spaces has a creative and leading organization with four specialized departments such as “Art Home” as the department of design and construction of spaces and unique decorative elements, "Hicha" as a department of buying and selling works of art, "Urban Art" Operates as a specialized department of urban arts and "Artfa" as a department of digital art publishing.


** A well-known reference in the field of art and urban arts in Iran

** Exporter of works of art and services to the Middle East and Europe

** A reference and referee to identify the quality and originality of works of art in the Middle East

** Top collector of works of emerging and unknown Iranian artists

** A well-known brand for digital art publishing and online sale of works of art in the Middle East

Specialized departments

Urban Art:

"Urban Art" department as a well-known brand in urban art, with a comprehensive view of the network of urban issues, will own valuable national and international works, projects and urban and commercial events.


The "Hicha" art sales department is a well-known brand of buying and selling works of art by emerging artists. This brand, as an exporter of luxury works of artists to the Middle East and Europe presents the works to the audience through setting auctions, virtual spaces and applications.

Art Home:

"Art Home" department designs and builds spaces and unique decorative elements with a touch of creativity in spaces and interior functional elements. The product of this department doubles the added value of these spaces.


“Artfa” as a digital art center, creates its own content by making a network of digital art media in the field of visual arts, literature and podcasts. These media have been set up in order to identify the audience and convey the news and appropriate content and to take advantage of the artistic capacities of this setting.

You can download and read Mohsen Saraji's resume and portfolio from the link below