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Giant statues

Having the most up-to-date construction technology in the world, we create giant sculptures with the aim of creating an identity and urban brand as a unique visual experience in public and private spaces.

Amusement Park Design

With sufficient knowledge of the technology, equipment and performance of amusement parks in the world, we have considered all the needs of a tourism and entertainment complex in the design and construction of amusement parks.

Theme Park

Our ideas, designs and executive experiences in the form of specialized theme parks are considered by investors and city managers as an economic and investment package.

Lasting Buildings

Our main idea in creating buildings and architectural spaces is to create visual appeal and construct the building as a work of art. A work that is supposed to be unique and practical in architectural design and interior decoration.

Urban Elements

With the experience of designing and building hundreds of urban elements and sculptures, we bring joy and happiness to cities and recreational and private spaces by relying on identity and special needs.

At Saraaj Center for the Creation and Development of Art Spaces, while we conceptualize and design specialized and applied projects for urban art works in the form of urban elements, urban furniture as well as giant sculptures, we also advise the urban managers regarding the preparation and compiling a strategic document for urban beautification.
In addition, preparing investment packages and developing art spaces, including making commercial complexes legible in terms of art projects, improving artistic and interactive spaces in tourist centers, re-arranging and designing indoor and outdoor amusement parks, as well as defining theme parks are among our work specialties.
We work as a well-known brand in the field of unique design of architectural spaces, as well as reference for designing spaces and creative architectural decorative elements to build unique residential and recreational projects in the country.
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