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مناسب ترین راه جهت زیباسازی فضاهای محیطی و ساختن فضاهایی جهت تمرکز و تعامل شهروندان، ساخت مجسمه های موقت شهری است که هماهنگ و متناسب با فضای محیطی خود باشند تا شهروندان بتوانند به خوبی با آنها ارتباط برقرار نمایند.

Urban Elements

With the experience of designing and building hundreds of urban elements and sculptures, we bring joy and happiness to cities and recreational and private spaces by relying on identity and special needs.
. پارک های موضوعی کارکردهای متنوعی را شامل شده و با هدف برقراری تعامل و پاسخ به نیازهای افراد در سنین و گروه های مختلف ساخته می شوند. از این رو در احداث این گونه پارک ها توجه به نیازهای مخاطبان هدف، رعایت اصول زیبایی شناسی، ویژگی های فرهنگی و تمایلات اجتماعی در کنار هم ضروری به نظر می رسد.

Theme Park

Our ideas, designs and executive experiences in the form of specialized theme parks are considered by investors and city managers as an economic and investment package.
ایده اصلی ما در خلق بناها و فضاهای معماری ، ایجاد جذابیت بصری و خلق بنا به عنوان یک اثر هنری است.اثری که قرار است در طراحی معماری و دکوراسیون داخلی منحصر به فرد و کاربردی باشد.ایده ما در طراحی داخلی خانه ها و آپارتمان ها بیشتر ایجاد Home Museum است .

Lasting Buildings

Not only is space considered as an expressive existence, but also a natural phenomenon with a dynamic nature. Humans will be aroused facing places that provide cross-border experiences

Giant statues

Having the most up-to-date construction technology in the world, we create giant sculptures with the aim of creating an identity and urban brand as a unique visual experience in public and private spaces.
ما در مرکز آفرینش و توسعه فضاهای هنری سراج ضمن ایده پردازی و طراحی پروژه های تخصصی و کاربردی در خصوص آثار هنر شهری در قالب المان شهری ، مبلمان شهری و همچنین مجسمه های غول پیکر ، در خصوص تهیه و‌تدوین سند استراتژیک زیباسازی شهری نیز به مدیران شهری مشاوره می دهیم .

Amusement Park Design

With sufficient knowledge of the technology, equipment and performance of amusement parks in the world, we have considered all the needs of a tourism and entertainment complex in the design and construction of amusement parks.

Farabazi Recreational & Sport Theme Park

Location : Mashhad Sepad area
Design Date : 2022
At, Saraaj, the center for the creation and development of art spaces, and inspired by the concepts of Metaverse and Parallel Universes, we designed Farabazi Indoor Theme Park (located in Ghahramanan Amusement Park) in an area of nearly 5000 square meters.


Kish resort and amusement park

Location : kish island
Installation Date : 2021
This project was formed aimed at designing and building a theme and amusement park in Kish Island based on native identity of the region. Using the most up-to-date design and the world’s executive knowledge of theme parks and choosing the concept of “pirates”, it started in 2019 based on the request of Kish Parsis Zarmehar […]


Bust sculpture of Ferdowsi

Location : Mashhad Ferdowsi University
Installation Date : 2021
Height : 8 meters
The idea of creating Ferdowsi bust in main square of Ferdowsi University campus, Mashhad, was formed focusing on national and cultural identity of this old university in the winter of 2020 and accompanied by redesigning of the square. This new arrangement has been a reflection of efforts and thoughts of many artists, wise men and […]


Ferdowsi (under construction)

Location : Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Installation Date : under construction
Height : 38.6 meters
In December 2019, Hossein Sabet who is the great investor of the country and the father of Iran's hotel industry, based on his personal interest and concern for the national heroes of the country, made an exciting proposal to build a giant statue of Ferdowsi Glory at a height of approximately 38 meters by Saraaj Center for Creation and Development of Art Spaces


A Sunny Day

Location : Kish Island
Installation Date : 2018
Height : 1.5 meters
In the beautification project of Kish Island named the "Happy Kish Island" campaign we unveiled more than 15 sculptures and urban elements


Travel with Me

Location : Kish Island
Installation Date : 2018
Height : 3.8 meters
Dr. Shariati says: Life has taught me that in order to better see the greatness and glory of everything, one must move away from it. What is the philosophy of traveling?


About Us

Saraaj" the artistic space creation and development center is a creative and leading organization with four specialized and professional departments as follows: "Hichaa" a gallery for buying and selling works of art, "Ando" cross-border experiences and architectural office, "GigArt" a specialized department for media management and creative content "Theme Park" a source for design and construction of theme parks and giant volumetric artworks.