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Dubai Global Village

As the name of project is clearly obvious, you are not going to face a theme park and the project designers focused on the concept of "social capital" on a global scale, which may be an introduction to the presence and management of a mega project called "Expo 2022".

However, it seems the project revolves around three basic services: "food and beverage", "souvenirs and products of nations" and "fun and entertainment"! Therefore, the designers’ intention in this project is to put the audience in a cycle of "pleasure". This strategy is mostly based on meeting the needs of Maslow's triangle, at its lower levels. Based on this, the architecture style serves these three concepts and is supposed to create a unique experience and sense of place for you.
The design layout does not seem to follow a specific pattern. However, it might be a combination of "magic wand" and "straw mat " layout, which is more applicable in exhibition projects. Due to the success project brings in the initial phase; the later phases seem to be additional attachment without any prior prediction.
Concentration on national identity in a global conversation can bring audience to the Global Village over and over again. In spite of adopting a smart strategy based on general needs and its attractiveness, Motion Gate lacks this potential and diversity.
Personally, I see the Iranian style of enjoyment in line with Global Village audience. The cycle of pleasure is completed with the element of "shopping" as you might spend thousand dirhams in a flash! Nearly three times higher than Motion Gate! The high amount of cash flow as well as retail stores and entertainment creates a dynamic cycle in the economy of Global Village project.
We should bear in mind that we are talking about a project that, thanks to the rulers of Dubai, over 100 countries from all over the world made their important landmarks in a non-miniature park (in a more or less one-to-one scale as well as the addition of some elements related to their identity) and mainly focused on selling their souvenirs or services, so that choosing operational pattern might be more important than design.
Therefore, paying attention to the service level of the project, including sanitary services, internal transportation, stopping points and even residence in this project seems necessary. It can be said that predictions in this regard were done correctly to some extent, but not sufficiently.
Except the main plaza, where landscaping and green spaces were correctly predicted, owning to per capita of target audience, other green spaces were mostly considered as unique spots, and the pavilions lacked a specific landscaping strategy. Considering the non-permanent functioning of the project, the development doesn’t seem of high importance and it is mainly focused on the climate of Dubai in seasons with good weather conditions.
We don't see a theme park design in Global Village, in fact we have an amusement park with lots of rides, attractions, games and arcade games targeted different audience of different ages. In order to experience games, the audience needs to pass load of entertainment opportunities and choose to stand in long lines of rides. In fact, "collective happiness" is more visible in Global Village than in Motion Gate. The difference in these two service methods creates unique experience for the audience.
Global Village amusement park is an arrangement of exotic rides alongside with typical and even very simple attractions. The operating system of the park has no specific principle but shared funding, so there is a systematic "chaos" that can be considered as an integral part of traditional entertainment style of ordinary audience. Personally, I consider these two operational points of view (in Motion Gate and Global Village) so serious, and amusement parks or theme parks in Iran highly require such an analysis and decision making in similar projects.
The existence of museums, public plazas, circuses, individual shows and night events in various formats and even fireworks and lighting is considered as complementary elements of this pleasure cycle. Personally, I consider Global Village a more generic style in entertainment and recreation where, regardless of complete and perfect concentration of designers, the audience and exhibitors form the main identity of project in a dynamic process.
Unlike Motion Gate, the perspective of creators toward Global Village is temporary and short term, with this in mind, we should not expect any surprises in Global Village. However some buildings, even though they are temporarily built, are highly attractive to the audience. This wonder is credited to the art of the designers, and of course the creators, of Global Village.
Lighting in Global Village does not follow a specific strategy and it can be said that the amusement park is made after "Las Vegas". In addition to wall washers and point lights, various methods of expression can be seen in the lighting projects. Unfortunately, this variety makes the audience confused in some spots.

I have long thought on the appropriate method and design strategy of theme parks or amusement parks. The answer is the result of the collective thinking in multidisciplinary way, which seems to require the proper application of successful global experiences, and of course, it should be properly adapted by the identity and culture of the people of our country