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Namak Abroud Tourist and Recreational City

A good design experience
In the winter of 2019, I proposed the development of art spaces of Namak Abroad to the management of this tourist area.
This project, which is the result of nearly a year of effort by me and my colleagues regarding conceptualizing and creating elements and functional structures, is designed based on local stories, the identity of the tourist city and the interactive works in conversation with the beautiful nature of Namak Abroud.
The works of art in this project are designed based on an overall concept with the aim of creating visual golden frames for the audience in order to record their happy travel memories.
In designing these works, I considered children and nature as the basis of design. This project was installed and unveiled in May 2020 with the participation of about 8 prominent artists from Mashhad in the construction process. Ali Nemati, Milad Khaleghi, Rabei Nazari, Mehrzad Rastgoo, Ziba Ezazi, Sara Salamat , Fatemeh Zahmati and Hamid Sobhani were among my most important assistants in this art project.
The project was designed in two operational phases, the second phase of which did not enter the implementation phase due to the outbreak of coronavirus and consequent economic problems of the employer.
If you walked in the good weather of Namak Abroud and took photos with the works of art in this collection, remember that the design concept of these works is to create a "good mood" for you.