ورود و عضویت
بازیابی رمز ورود
کد تایید ارسال شد
جهت تایید تغییر رمز کد ارسال شده را وارد نمایید
نام کاربری یا رمز خود را فراموش کرده ام
شماره موبایل خود را وارد نمایید
اگر هنوز عضو نیستید 

At, Saraaj, the center for the creation and development of art spaces, and inspired by the concepts of Metaverse and Parallel Universes, we designed Farabazi Indoor Theme Park (located in Ghahramanan Amusement Park) in an area of nearly 5000 square meters.

Metaverse means: “beyond the universe”. And the Aurora carries a trace of myths and legends. It creates stunning scenes of light and color and invites us to discover the mystery of existence where the Aurora – the ultimate virtual reality experience – is a way to enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights without traveling to faraway places.

Such an immersive and interactive experience of the reflection of invisible forces in virtual reality is provided in the Farabazi Complex. The transcendence and stepping into the vast expansion of consciousness and excellence have been made real here.

The employer: Ghahramanan Amusement Park of Mashhad

Art director: Mohsen Saraaji

The team of team Concept, Design and Construction: Sara Salamat, Javad Sabri, Mohammad Hassan Daneshvar, Alireza Bakshi, Metant Mohebi, Morteza Gerami

Website and media support: Zahra Mohammadpour, Faezeh Abadi