ورود و عضویت
بازیابی رمز ورود
کد تایید ارسال شد
جهت تایید تغییر رمز کد ارسال شده را وارد نمایید
نام کاربری یا رمز خود را فراموش کرده ام
شماره موبایل خود را وارد نمایید
اگر هنوز عضو نیستید 

The largest statue of Rostam is in Iran and is among the collection of giant sculptures that was conceived and made as the superhero of the heroes’ amusement park. This project was built in six months by our team of 40 people. This statue is shown as a superhero in the Mashhad Amusement Park, and its greatness is reminiscent of the greatness of Ferdowsi the Great and the Shahnameh and its characters.

This project, along with other projects for the development of artistic spaces in the holy city of Mashhad, such as urban decoration, permanent and temporary urban elements, was designed and executed by the Urban Art department of Creation and Development of Artistic Spaces of Saraaj center in 2009 for an order by Mashhad city management.