ورود و عضویت
بازیابی رمز ورود
کد تایید ارسال شد
جهت تایید تغییر رمز کد ارسال شده را وارد نمایید
نام کاربری یا رمز خود را فراموش کرده ام
شماره موبایل خود را وارد نمایید
اگر هنوز عضو نیستید 

Khayyam’s tomb is a prominent example of modern Iranian architecture designed by Houshang Seyhoun. This building is built based on the life, time and thoughts of Omar Khayyam.

The structures around the tomb also have the approach of Khayyam’s paternal profession (tent-making).

We were also inspired by the location of this tomb in the design of the amphitheater and dining hall of Neishabour University of Medical Sciences.

All the details and designs in this work are inspired by the calligraphy, tile works, forms and geometries in Khayyam’s tomb, which are actually designed with a little modernization of the elements. The existing green space is also inspired by the geometry of Khayyam’s tomb site. This amphitheater and dining hall is designed in an area of ​​approximately 2200 square meters, which has a total capacity of 970 people.