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At Saraaj Center for Creation and Development of Art Spaces, in addition to brainstorming and designing specialized and practical projects on urban art in the form of urban elements, urban furniture, as well as giant sculptures, we have also advised on how to prepare and compile a strategic document for urban beautification to city managers. In addition, preparing investment packages and developing art spaces, including making commercial complexes legible with art projects, improving artistic and interactive spaces in tourist centers, re-arranging and designing indoor and outdoor amusement parks, as well as defining theme parks are among our most important specialties.
As a well-known brand in the country, we work in the field of unique design of architectural spaces, as well as reference for designing spaces and creative architectural decorative elements to build unique residential and recreational projects in the country.
Studying this part of the site will help you and other decision makers to explore areas of collaboration.
The design of amusement parks around the world is of particular importance for its impact on educating the next generation. For this reason, at Saraaj Center for Creation and Development of Art Spaces, we carry out the process of designing the amusement parks provided using the knowledge of our experts in the fields of social sciences, psychology, creativity and games. Obviously, specialized artists in the field of children, including graphic designers, illustrators and musicians, complete the design and execution process along with our engineering and technical team.
Hence, we face the most fundamental problem in designing amusement parks as an identity and, of course, a national identity, since the bitter truth is that our children and adolescents know the names of the characters and heroes of foreign stories well, but they do not have the mental background of the mythological and historical heroes of this region. Our children know Hulk, Harry Potter and Hercules, but they do not know what Arash and Kaveh Ahangar and Rostam did, and this is due to the lack of work of their elders in recent years.
Therefore, in designing the hero’s amusement park, we considered the heroes of Shahnameh stories as the axis of the design, and chose Rostam as the “superhero” of the amusement park so that along the creation of the four other characters for children he shows them the ways of learning the three characteristics of "intelligence," "power" and " "foresight" along with a way of dealing with the "fear" feature.
In designing the amusement park, we have two main inviting playgrounds on both sides of the playground under the title of virtual reality theme park as a modern park for teenagers age and above and on the other side of the playground is a children and family club to create a family atmosphere baby care being designed for children age group and above that.
This as well included our attention to the three groups of thrilling games, family games and children's games in the audience's mobile circulation in the area of approximately 3 hectares.

VR Theme Park:
VR theme park has been designed and executed with the aim of creating an exciting and amusing atmosphere for playing based on the latest technologies in the world by observing proper movement circulation in a hall with an approximate area of ​​700 square meters, which includes 8 exclusive virtual reality games. In addition to games, there is a small space called a coffee shop for sitting and chilling. In addition, our attention in arranging the games has been based on their function such as fear, horror, and thrill, which we have created by creating a childish and intimate atmosphere in the collection.
Color is the main element of identifying the space. Given that in virtual reality parks there is a separation from the present to the virtual situation, we tried to move the space toward darker colors.
This park is the first virtual reality park in the country that has the most modern and up-to-date virtual reality games.

Family Games:
In designing this part of the amusement park, we pay attention to the diversity of different groups that refer to the amusement park, such as children, teenagers, families, and even the elderly and the disabled.
In the family games section, we have tried to complete the cycle of fun and happiness in various age groups by creating an atmosphere suitable for different age groups and the presence of fathers and mothers and grandparents. In this series we have also tried to create different games that create a unique experience in the space. The Heroes' amusement park is designed based on the specific needs of its audience. The amusement park is designed in a disabled friendly form and all the facilities are there for the presence, play and enjoyment of the disabled, children and the elderly.

Kids Club:
A quiet and pleasant space for the children to play with the family having a proper movement circulation, including sections such as ball pool, sand pool, adventure games, billiard table, game shops as play spaces, birthday room and also service spaces such as breastfeeding room and child change room, has been designed and implemented in this collection. This club has been designed and implemented by the Center for Creation and Development of Urban Spaces based on up-to-date amusement park design standards.

Food and Drink:
One of the most important issues is to pay attention to the arrangement of the cycle of food and beverage booths and centers. In designing, we paid special attention to a variety of food and beverage delivery systems in a cumulative and point-by-point manner so that all the food needs of the audience, whether in the form of restaurant food, fast food, coffee shop, supermarket and snacks, are designed and implemented for operation in an appropriate and standard manner.

Children's Games:
Considering that the world of children and toddlers is a world full of joy and happiness, we decided to design the games in this section in accordance with the spirits of young children. Using age-appropriate illustrations and cheerful colors that have a great impact on creating energy and their relationship with space.
Therefore, the choice of games, arrangement and attention to the needs and concerns of children even forced us to create new games for this age group. It was a good and unique experience

Thrilling Games:
As the title of this part of the games show, in this section we have designed all the elements of creating excitement, including color, shape, space and lighting, in a way that conveys more and more excitement to the audience. The type of games and the graphic space in this section causes the experience of the highest level of excitement for the adult audience.
Our main concern in this section was the selection of up-to-date and thrilling rides, the largest roller coaster in the country, the most exciting U, as well as the selection of the salto along with public games such as Frisbee and sleigh completed our cycle of excitement. In addition to these rides, we also added spaces such as horror rooms and animal huts to this section.

You can refer to the portfolio section of the site to view other art projects of the Saraaj Center for the Creation and Development of Art Spaces.