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Motion Gate amusement park, Dubai.

The experience of visiting entertainment complex of Motion Gate, LEGOLAND and Bollywood, as an important model by the client, seems serious in different aspects. Motion Gate is a theme park inspired by Hollywood animations of three famous companies in the world, such as DreamWorks, Pictures and Lions Gate. It consists of five different lands, a unique entrance as well as about 30 rides, 15 shops, a classic street and 10 restaurants.

If you don't even know the slogan of Motion Gate "Start your journey to the world of movies", designers will place the audience at the threshold of imagination and a different world through the main entrance design, where opens an introduction for visitors to dream. In spite of the fact that designers had a choice in drawing the perspective and hierarchy of the audience's entrance to the amusement park, so that development of approximately one hectare before facing the main entrance is an unavailable opportunity to similar domestic projects. This sole limitation makes the entrance less legible.

The architectural layout of Motion Gate design is magic wand layout which at the entrance, audience will face the atmosphere of classic street. In the initial encounter with theme park we will soon understand that materials of the project, classic design of street, slope of sidewalk, movement of strollers and wheelchairs of the disabled and the elderlies, physical planning and hierarchy of the audience's needs have been properly considered by designers. However, according to the history and background of designers and investors, it is of no surprise.  

Unlike similar Iranian projects, designers of Motion Gate Park have the necessary content provided to create executive ideas. Due to the world-class animations and films they have already made, and original concept previously created by the best artists and animators they have a valuable opportunity to design theme park.

You will see all the creative ideas of animation designers such as Hotel Transylvania, Smurfs Factory, Kung Fu Panda, Penguins, Madagascar, Shrek, World of the Dead and a Cloud with the Possibility of Raining Meatballs with altered expression method in Motion Gate.

The design team seeks to create an on-border-experience for the audience in a fantasy format rather than address the architectural features. The design is formed in various layers of horror, excitement, fantasy, imagination and the future. This strategy appeals to almost all audiences in a great deal.

Animals, exotic creatures, fantasy characters, baroque architecture, and even the application of modern technologies of performance and image of the project stand out both from the design and operation perspective. All of the above are at the service of theme properly.

Each land in Motion Gate has one or two main rides, chosen subtly and in corporation to the theme. However the designers considered their distribution in the overall layer of the theme park and the community of all lands.

Referring to the climate of Dubai and natural or unnatural shades, green space per capita of Motion Gate has been correctly considered by designers. The similarity between the climate of Dubai and Kish Island (Iran) shows the main solution for case studies, especially recreational projects in the entertainment industry of Kish Island.

The operational pattern is in a meaningful contrast against the model of typical amusement parks in Iran and even the case of Global Village in Dubai, which needs economic and even biological analysis of the audience. For example, by paying about 400 dirhams at Motion Gate, you can play almost all attractions and rides, but when it comes to Global Village or Iran's amusement parks the process is not the same. By paying entrance fee, you enter the "attraction and cost selection game" and to compare and study these two patterns is of high importance in the operational system of amusement and theme parks.

The lighting layer in Motion Gate serves the theme in lands and rides, and design is so subtle. Regarding to landscaping, ramps with a standard slope lead the audience to the lands. The walls with natural planting, various species and paying attention to details and function are the most important factors.

However, development has been seen as an inseparable part of amusement parks in the master plan design process. Temporary fences designed to present rides or new attraction to the audience and you, as an audience, can see the dynamics and future in the confrontation process of space, that’s the point. These spaces help to hold timely, national and global events and are in a proper conversation with the audience.

Let’s be more specific about the food and beverage layer. In fact, park furniture except in main plaza of the park, are all located in vicinity of food and drink spots! This placement is aimed at audience attraction and economic prosperity of these spaces. Even more attention has been paid to food menu selection and placement of booths in lands and open spaces of Motion Gate. Of course, this choice has a global pattern that we are not familiar with.

High level of investment in Motion Gate (about one billion dollars) in addition to presenting capabilities of creators and encouraging the audience to attend theme park, seems to be due to advertising and standing alongside with prominent competitors such as Disney and Universal. As if, this presence is a business requirement of animation and film production companies.

Referring to interior construction technique, builders' attention is mostly based on decoration and quick sculpture making technology. Mastery and the possibility of using the latest materials, leading technologies as well as skilled technicians are factors that set builders of Motion Gate apart.  

However, the ambition of UAE leaders in supporting this project is quite visible, as if rulers of the UAE or Dubai consider the definition of these projects as a part of their country and city branding.