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اگر هنوز عضو نیستید 

Sculpture of a Playful Girl, Relaxing on the Beach

A work of art, especially in the field of urban art and an art that is exposed to the public, is valuable when it conveys a message and a concept to the audience.
No matter what message the work conveys or what artwork it is influenced by, sometimes more complex issues are raised. Issues related to the process of installation and the execution of works of art, which in some works is extremely difficult and breathtaking, especially works that are installed near the sea and on the beach.
This work of art is one of the most difficult works in the vicinity of the sea, the impossibility of passing heavy machinery on the beach and the weight and bulk of the body of the sculpture made this difficulty even greater.
We brought the works to the shore using modern methods and advanced mechanical machines, and we also provided the stability of these works with the help of these equipments. The urban symbol of the playful child is an element influenced by the illustrations of foreign artists, which has been restored by Mr. Kazem Khorasani and Ms. Maryam Moodi and created and executed by Mr. Hojjat Hosseini.
This work is in fact a kind of combination of childish techniques and a good feeling taken from the sea and beach space and the subject of travel, which is installed with the best quality next to the recreational pier of Kish Island.
My personal concern in this work is the quality of the performance due to the specific figure of the character and having details, and of course its installation and execution, which, thank God, I achieved the desired result.