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The City without Urban Art is Dead! Take a Look at Sidney Experience in Urban Art!

The metropolitan cities which have emerged throughout history had a collection of monuments, fountains and other artworks.

The metropolitan cities that have emerged throughout history have had a collection of monuments, fountains, and other works of art in their squares and other public places.

Sydney with its harbor, 19th-century surviving buildings, iconic opera house, late 20th and 21st century architecture, and mild climate are usually in the top list of cities that are ideal for living, working, and traveling.

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 program outlines new horizons in promoting Sydney as a leading city in various structural and natural aspects and in strengthening its position as a vibrant cultural and sustainable city. The active involvement of art commissions, temporary city exhibitions, artistic elements and various artistic and social events form an essential part of this viewpoint.
Creating a contemporary interpretation of the role of urban art in public spaces and drawing the landscape of a city requires careful consideration of the context, extensive study of suitable art options for group work among professionals involved, and careful planning of project strategies and its stages.
The Urban Art Advisory Board, composed of well-known visual arts experts, continuously participates in the urban art program by providing independent advice to the council. The common goal is to create contemporary spaces that bring together nature and urban identity, that are both popular in the society and with visitors.
Artists are an essential element in the life-giving blood of a city. Sydney's creative and cultural life is an important part of Sustainable Sydney2030. The city of Sydney plays a pivotal role in creating opportunities for artists to reflect on contemporary life and to come up with innovative ideas that are universally accessible to diverse social and cultural communities to benefit from.
Residents and citizens clearly demanded a place for artists and art in the city. This issue is clearly reflected in this new public strategy. This strategy is built on existing urban art policies and includes important activities to promote local culture and heritage in public settings. It also focuses more on emphasizes on the importance of urban art projects as a way to enable cultural expression and participation in contemporary issues for society.

In particular, it is exciting to see the ways in which many contemporary artists respond to challenging climate change issues and are able to raise public awareness of the environment and our impact on it. Artists are often at the frontline of tackling global warming issues.

A city without a flourishing cultural and artistic life will in fact be a dead city. Our artists honor, enrich, and contribute to our sense of identity and citizenship.