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World amusement park industry exhibition «DEAL2020»

DEAL 2022 amusement park, entertainment and recreation industry exhibition in Dubai can be considered as an annual reunion of prominent companies and professionals in the world's amusement park industry, especially rides, attractions and games manufacturers, as well as automation systems providers of amusement and theme parks management.

Although the exhibition seemed to be impacted by Corona virus pandemic, the presentation of new technology and viewpoints in this field is admirable. Although, interactive and moving projects that sometimes had an architectural aspect were presented, attention to food and beverage industry in the exhibition was missed.

Sadly we are witnessing Iranian investors, despite their desire to buy rides and new technologies, miss the opportunity to use these services for their projects due to different reasons such as sanction, high prices, and concerns about the lack of technical support from foreign companies.

The turning point of this exhibition is the presence of three theme park design teams, who defined and implemented design concepts based on the discussion of "creativity", "technology" and “experience of pleasure" aim at "creating a work of art". A discourse established on an ideology based on the experience of pleasure.

The discussion of volumetric works such as sculptures in proper interaction with display technologies including video walls based on 3D scanning technique can be considered as one of the important highlights of the exhibition; Right where the audience finds themselves at the complementary point of this effect.

The leap of Indian companies toward making games and attractions seemed significant; however there is a considerable gap in their design quality compared to 3rd and 2nd grade Chinese companies.

Apart from a South Korean company that gave a unique presentation especially in VR design, Chinese companies can still be considered as the target market for VR amusement park design. More specifically Funin Company intelligently targeted all age groups of the audience in its product portfolio. I personally believe we still see a gap in some VR rides, the new generation of VR cinemas, and even AR games.

I can't hide my surprise to visit Hybrid dome theater project. The German company had subtly designed and implemented a 200-seat movable and pneumatic theater with a unique architecture in the maximum possible space limitation.

At the exhibition, we did not have the possibility to talk - even talk - to American and European companies. This was due to the lack of financial justification as well as the effects of sanctions. Therefore; the conversation regarding purchase of needs was cancelled; if we aesthetically pay attention to projects, we can compare and analyze their color palettes, design concepts and patterns with national or Chinese examples.

It can be firmly said that about 20 games from the generation of attractions, arcade games, pinballs and unique and proper mechanical and sport games can be possibly chosen and according to the general view of physical plan of building and FEC we could negotiate with their manufacturing companies and purchase them.

Regarding to mainly Indian companies that provided amusement park management automation systems, no new product or service with a significant difference from previous years was provided, and our domestic capacities in this regard are more economical and accessible.

Mohsen Saraji

Director of Saraaj; the Center for Development and Creation of Art Spaces